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“Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.”
- Franklin P. Jones
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$45 and up depending on breed and style
  • Nail cutting & nail filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Shaving of paw pads, belly and sanitary areas (if applicable)
  • Full bath with carefully selected shampoo based on your dog’s skin & coat
  • Drying and brushing

Bath and Tidy

$60 and up depending on breed and style
  • Nail cutting & nail filing
  • Ear cleaning, plucking of ear hair (if applicable)
  • Shaving of paw pads, belly and sanitary areas
  • Full bath with carefully selected shampoo based on your dog’s skin & coat
  • Drying and brushing
  • Trimming fur off the eyes area and around the paws (if applicable)
  • General tidying of hair on face, body & legs with scissors

Full Grooming

$75 and up depending on breed and style
  • Everything listed under Bath & Tidy
  • A professional haircut or hand-stripping* according to breed standard, or Japanese-inspired creative styling, or just simply a haircut that best suit yours and your dog’s lifestyle!

*For hand stripping, please see charges under Add-on Services. Prices quoted before groom is an estimate. Final prices will be subjected to total time spent working on your dog.
All our Bath & Tidy and Full Grooming services are strictly by appointment only. Please call us to book your dog in. If you prefer to email us, please allow us to get back to you on the desired date and time.

Add-On Services
(for Clients booked for grooming)


Flea Bath

$10 up

Removal of Undercoat

$20 per half hour

Hand Stripping

$35 per half hour

A-La-Carte Services
(Walk-ins are welcomed)


Ear Cleaning

$12 - $15
depending on severity

Ear Plucking
(on top of cleaning)

$5 - $10
depending on size & difficulty

Nail Cutting

$12 - $16
depending on size & difficulty

Nail Cutting &
Paw Pad Shaving

$17 - $22
depending on size & difficulty

Shaving Sanitary Area


Anal Glands Expression

$10 (Only for Small – Medium Breed)

Bang Trim


Face Trim

$15 up

A-La-Carte Services may be combined for a discount. Walk-ins are welcome and no advanced booking is required.
For services not listed above, please call for a discussion and a quote.

A Special Note from the Groomers

Here at Suds ‘n’ Scissors, it’s all about your dog. Nothing else but your dog.
De-matting your Dog
Humanity over vanity please! We do not do de-matting here at Suds ‘n’ Scissors. The de-matting process is painful and extremely unbearable for your dog. There is always the risk of getting a brush-burn during the process. If you would like to find out more about the de-matting process, we can gladly show you how it is done and how uncomfortable it will be for your dog. Another downside of de-matting is that your dog will most likely remember the traumatic experience and will never feel the same about brushing or combing anymore. As such, we feel that the most rightful thing to do is to give a badly matted dog a nice clean “smoothie” (a shave-down) and start over. It is less stressful for your dog, and you will go home with a much happier pup.
Highly-Stressed Dogs
A “desired” groom largely depends on how willing your dog is to work with the groomer. We understand that a visit to the groomer’s may be a daunting experience for some dogs and your sweet little baby can suddenly turn into a feisty monster who bites at anything (or hand) that reaches for him. We get that, really, and we promise we will do our very best to complete the groom. But because extra time and TLC (and risks of being bitten) have to be given to your anxious one, I’m afraid we have to charge a TLC fee in cases like these. However if your dog exhibits intense aggression or stress, and we deem it unsafe for both the dog and our groomers to continue working with your dog, please understand we have to stop the groom immediately and have you pick him up straightaway.
Late and No-Shows
We seek your understanding that all our grooming sessions are booked well in advanced for the day and being late for your session will put us behind time for the rest of the day. We can only hold your session for no longer than 15 minutes and anything beyond that will be considered as a no-show. However, we will try to accommodate you if there is another cancellation on the same day. Otherwise, we have to charge a $30 fee per dog for no-shows. The no-show fees will have to be paid before another session can be booked. We apologize that anyone with more than two no-shows will no longer be able to book with us. As such, please call us to cancel or reschedule your session minimum 24 hours prior.
Picking Up your Dog

Nervous with separation anxiety from your dog? Too excited to see how your dog looks like after his groom? We know how you feel because we would feel the same way too! But think about this: your dog will be equally enthusiastic, if not more, to see you coming through the door, and what happens next? An overly excited and hyper dog who can’t wait to jump into your open arms. This is not a problem if your dog’s groom is finished, but otherwise, there is no way our groomers can finish the job with a hyped-up dog.

As such, we appreciate that you show up only after we have called you to come. Our practice is to give you 20-30 minutes heads-up that your dog will be done so you will have ample time to make your way here.

In addition, being a small and cozy studio, we recognize that there is not enough room for all dogs to “hang around”. We all know that dogs who do not know each other can get into fights when left unsupervised. And because we will be busy grooming other dogs and are not able to eyeball your dog, he will be waiting for you in one of our roomy crates. We feel that this will be safest for all our dogs. Understandably, some dogs may find being crated stressful so we appreciate that you pick up your dog within 1 hour from our phone call.

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